Technology is moving so fast that we are not stopping to notice the impact on the world around us. That is the reason why online learning has been on the rise in recent years. 

There is no doubt that online learning brings a lot of benefits to everyone such as flexible time, a diverse lecture series with a wide range of topics, and more. Understanding these advantages of the online learning system, UEF has officially cooperated with GoAmazing to deploy teaching on our Online Learning System.

  1. About UEF University.

– University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City was established on 24th September, 2007. UEF aims to become Vietnam’s leading university and achieve international academic standards, based on the philosophy: Quality – Efficiency – Integration.

– UEF consistently aims to achieve high standards in higher education by adopting the world’s best expertise in the local context of change and economic integration, focusing on providing specialized training in Economics and Finance in order to meet the country’s increasing needs for high-quality human resources.

  1. About the GoAmazing System. 

GoAmazing is known as a comprehensive system that has no limit. The system optimizes the connection between individual parties (teachers, students, and landlords). We are proud of our accomplishments and we really appreciate the trust of Education Specialists, the local authorities, Vietnamese Universities, and our partners in the last 2 years. 

  1. The Deployment of Teaching on the Online Learning System.

– Without teachers’ physical presence in the classroom, Online teachers are trained to be engaging and supportive of students right from the start and for the duration of the course, as well as to maintain an effective learning community. They will let their students know their schedules when they will be online and how students can contact them outside of those hours.

– With respect to the lecture system, all of the university terms on the GoAmazing System were compiled by lecturers and researchers. They were reviewed and evaluated by the members of the Scientific Council of each Faculty at UEF University. In addition, students will be provided with user manuals for easy access to the system. Accordingly, each faculty requires students to participate in learning under the guidance and interaction with the instructors using the GoAmazing System and learn directly according to the schedule.

– An effective assessment feedback system is definitely essential to deploy teaching on the Online Learning System. All feedback will help to create an eLearning experience that is informative, and motivational for the learner. Students can clearly identify which skills need to be improved.

– Last but not least, spending less time by using the GoAmazing automatic grading system instead of doing it manually. Teachers have more time to create or change their lectures for each course.

UEF University and the GoAmazing System look forward to receiving suggestions and improvements from lecturers, researchers, and students to maximize the capabilities.