UNESCO – Education Institution – Science- Literature with 5 pillars of education: “Learning to know – Learning to do – Learning to live together – Learning to be” as a guide for everyone’s learning.

Everything is about Learning. Do you agree with us?

If you want to be intelligent, you have to learn how to be intelligent. If you want to be happy, you have to learn what happiness is. If you want to be good, you have to learn what good is. If you want love, you have to learn what love is and what love is not. 

You know what? Just remembering is not enough. Memories of your knowledge and information need to have instructions on how to use that knowledge and information effectively.

Learning is necessary for living a good life. So please don’t take learning for granted.

I would like to share with you these useful learning methods, which are usually considered as basic in an e-learning environment.

Tip 1. Participating in Online Discussions. 

– That’s right! Interacting with your instructors is the first fabulous learning method tip.

– In terms of our fabulous GoAmazing System, these useful powerful web-based video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Big Blue Button, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex, and more will engage the students in real-time discussion. They enable the instructors to conduct web-conferencing and share documents, audio, and video files for online learning.

– Furthermore, students can easily access these web-conferences and interact with the instructors anywhere.

– Please schedule your time to interact with your instructors more than usual because teacher-student interaction is truly important for many reasons. Teacher-student interaction highly influences a student’s communication skills, the development of their academic self-concept, as well as enhance their enthusiasm and the belief of success in you.

Tip 2. Repetition is Key!

– All people have to repeat in order to remember things and routines. If you do not do this, the vast majority of new information will disappear during the first 24 hours of the learning process.

– Let’s divide your e-learning lesson into several parts and have breaks taken between them, for each part, you can create some quizzes by yourself to repeat key information from all former parts.

– We are sure that you will accomplish amazing results after following this tip.

Tip 3. Note-taking.

– Taking notes helps to easily remember key thoughts, insights, and information. 

– While taking notes you should put information into your personal context by paraphrasing it, arranging it in your own structure, or connecting it with your own experiences.

– At the end of your e-learning course, you can summarize every module of your e-learning course with a note in your own ways.

Hey youngsters! Why don’t you create your own mind maps? 

It is such a great idea, isn’t it?

– Mind Maps are a creative way to organize your thoughts. Images and words together are more engaging to your brains. Mind Mapping can be done by hand with colored pens and pencils or with any of the numerous software tools available. This is one of the wonderful ways to help you memorize the key knowledge in each lesson.

Tip 4. Last but not least, setting time limits.

– One way to increase your productivity and efficiency is to force yourself to study for a specific period of time. If you’re often restless, consider setting a timer for 15 minutes. When the bell goes off, get up, walk around, and return to your desk for another 15 minutes. If you do this four times, you’ll have studied for one hour in total.

– Online studying can lead to eye fatigue, so those breaks in study sessions will give them a rest. Plus, you can work out and clear your head before you return to the material.

– However, make sure you work for the total amount of time you think is necessary to complete your goals.  

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