People are always in need of learning and expanding their knowledge so with the amount of knowledge provided on a large scale, fast transmission speed by the way of scientific and advanced search, the technology era 4.0 has been happening quickly, strongly, and deeply affecting all areas of social life in general and education in particular.

Why does technology 4.0 have such a big impact on education? What is the importance of technology 4.0 in education today?

1. Education 4.0 and the positive changes for learners.

– UNESCO – Education Institution – Science – Literature with 5 pillars of education: “Learning to know – Learning to do – Learning to live together – Learning to be” as a guide for everyone’s learning. Education must create values ​​that are truly in line with the rhythm of the new age, virtuous and talented people will devote themselves to the development of society.

– The age requires people with the capacity to think and create, innovate, have analytical skills and synthesize information, and have the ability to work independently. These are also the skills that Vietnamese students are missing most. To solve this problem, education 4.0 will be an effective solution.

– Education 4.0 always focuses on the learners.

– Learners have a lot of opportunities to learn at any time or any place. Learning is easier and more convenient when there are supportive online learning tools for remote learning and self-learning.

– Traditional learning combined with online learning will make a significant change in the learning trend today. In terms of the upcoming learning trend, the learners will decide what to learn by themselves in order to use their knowledge in their real lives and in the future. They will freely choose a useful program for their dreams and ambitions. They will be free to choose the curriculum that is useful for their dreams and ambitions.

2. Technology revolution 4.0 associated with GOOGLE – Tech giant.

– Science and Technology are developing more and more, teaching facilities also become increasingly important factors, greatly affecting the quality and efficiency of the teaching process. Thanks to the superior teaching facilities, the teaching process is more vivid, convenient, and more accurate.

– In the current era of education 4.0, learners can fully absorb more knowledge with a series of good textbooks that are widely shared on social networks.

– Moreover, teachers can shorten teaching time while ensuring learners fully absorb knowledge.

– Reduce the pressure in the teaching facilities preparedness steps and maximize teaching effectiveness.

– On the way to developing and grasping the integration trends in the current era of technology 4.0, the GoAmazing System is proud to be a pioneer in the era of education 4.0. Learners can use our programs to improve themselves, build confidence, and gain the skills needed to succeed. This will open up many opportunities for young people to approach the core values ​​in education “Foundations, Good Skills” and towards international integration.

– Go Amazing System – The comprehensive, unlimited learning system will definitely unlock your potential.

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