Education is always a really hot topic, isn’t it?

Thanks to modern technology, education is becoming more flexible and accessible. Understanding the modern education trends, the GoAmazing System has been researched and built by trusted education technology from around the World.

These fabulous factors of the GoAmazing System will definitely make you believe and be satisfied with our system.

1. About the Instructors.

These useful powerful web-based video conferencing tools such as Zoom Meeting, Big Blue Button, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex, and more will engage students in real-time discussions. They enable the instructors to conduct web-conferencing and share documents, audio, and video files for online learning.

– Furthermore, the GoAmazing System uses a robust and versatile platform. When it comes to content for an online course, variety matters. This platform provides the ability to craft online learning material using an extensive range of content types: Text, images, videos, interactive videos, 20+ types of assessments, and more.

– Instructors easily set their grading policies such as course completion conditions, types of assessments, and their influence on the final course grade, and more.

– Not to mention, we think in terms of teaching content, it is easier for the instructors to add, organize learning content inside the course, manage visual features of the course, manage and issue certificates, track learning metrics, and generate reports.

2. About the Learners.

– Thanks to these useful, powerful web-based video conferencing tools such as Zoom Meeting, Big Blue Button, Google Hangout, Cisco Webex, and more, students can easily interact with the instructors anywhere. It is so convenient, isn’t it?

– After each E-learning lecture, learners can apply their knowledge through their exercises. With the GoAmazing grading system, learners’ results will be assessed immediately and their errors will be corrected with the answer keys.

– Moreover, the GoAmazing System will support you to store all your online lessons so you can easily review your lessons anytime or anywhere.

– This perfect combination between the GoAmazing System and the E-learning lectures in various fields will definitely help you to optimize the effectiveness in learning foreign languages as well as any passionate fields that you are interested in.

– Sometimes you may forget your laptop or don’t have one, right? Understanding everyone psychologically, our pride “GoAmazing Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)” was researched and released. Learners not only is it easily accessible but also can quickly update their schedules anywhere or anytime via Ipad, smartphone, or any devices. It is truly fabulous, isn’t it?

– Last but not least, during an E-learning course, students can be given support without being limited by geographical location. In addition, it is easy to update the questions and activities in your course on the GoAmazing System so everyone can be helped immediately. You will definitely be satisfied with our GoAmazing System.

– The GoAmazing System truly stands out in comparison to other systems at a reasonable cost. 

– We at GoAmazing always welcome all of you; the enthusiastic teachers and passionate students.

– Let’s enjoy this modern and flexible learning environment with the many varieties of language lessons in different fields of linguistics, music, and more fabulous fields that are being added to the GoAmazing System every day. 

– Hey everyone! Why don’t you join us? To receive more detailed information, please contact us via