With 5 years of preparation, and 2 years of operation in the education field, the GoAmazing System has achieved the promising steps that a company needs.

The GoAmazing System Representative Tokyo Office grand opening ceremony was on March 30th, 2020 with the presence of BOD representatives from Tokyo, Yoshizaki Hironobi, CEO of Abelieve Company; and Cao Duy Hinh, branch manager of Abelieve JSC. From GoAmazing Company, BOD representatives, Duc Nguyen – CEO of GoAmazing, Mike Manley – Chief Operations Officer (COO), Ha Dinh – Vice Director and Vu Mai – Technical Manager, along with our GoAmazing staff.

The ceremony started with an opening speech from Mr. Mike (COO) and Mr. Duc (CEO) about the Online Learning System and the function of the GoAmazing System for the Educational Industry Market. Mr. Mike delivered his speech about the Education trends in the world nowadays. He said: “The world is moving toward and accepting Online Learning but there will always be the need for physical teachers so we are gonna put both together, so let’s educate the World. Starting with Japan. I would like to welcome the new edition to GoAmazing”.

Mr. Duc Nguyen – CEO of GoAmazing shared: “The Online Learning System is definitely important however, interacting with the teacher is still necessary, especially for language learners. Understanding these inconsistencies, the GoAmazing System has been researched and applies online-to-onsite modeling to take advantage of all the benefits of both learning models so as to bring increased value to the Japanese Education Industry Market. On behalf of GoAmazing Company in Vietnam and the USA, it is a really great pleasure for us to become partners with such a firm as yours. I wish you all the best, Mr. Yoshizaki (a representative from Japan), and the GoAmazing System Representative Office will grow faster thanks to your amazing management, Mr. Yoshizaki”. 

Following the GoAmazing representatives, Mr. Hinh – Branch Manager of Abelieve JSC, shared his feelings about the GoAmazing System. He said: “The GoAmazing System is truly a useful system for a bright future in general and English learners in particular. From now on, all of us will do our best to bring the best GoAmazing to the World”. 

Then, Mr. Yoshizaki shared how helpful the GoAmazing System is in general and Amazing Pronunciation in particular. More and more Japanese students need to improve their pronunciation because of their future jobs so he believes that Amazing pronunciation will be successfully applied to the Japanese Education System. In addition, they will have more opportunities to work with foreigners in the future thanks to their amazing pronunciation.

GoAmazing is proud of our accomplishments, we really appreciate the trust from Education Specialists, the local authorities, Vietnamese Universities, and our partners in the last 2 years. We will keep striving for perfection in order to better assist students around the world on their education journey.

We would like to sincerely express our appreciation to our partner in Tokyo. We wish you all the best and look forward to another successful year together.