This past week, GoAmazing CEO Duc Ngoc Nguyen, COO Mike Manley, DMT Chairman Tai Bui, and Amazing English Vice Director Thanh Ha Dinh visited Tokyo to meet with various learning institutions to discuss the future of our GoAmazing e-learning ecosystem.

We met with Chairwoman Junko Kagawa of Meros Language School as well as many of her instructors and faculty.  We discussed how GoAmazing would be useful and beneficial to the students and teachers at Meros, and how e-learning, both online and on-site is needed in this technologically advancing era we live in.

We also had the chance to visit Keio University’s main campus.  Vice President and Professor of Marketing, Ikuo Takahashi and PhD student Tetsuo Horiguchi were kind enough to show us the historical and modern buildings that make up this location.  As one of the top and most respected universities in Japan, Keio university is responsible for bringing modern education systems to Japan.

We would like to thank our business partners and friends in Tokyo for their enthusiasm towards our business proposals, as well as their hospitality and respect. On behalf of GoAmazing, we thank you and look forward to our future partnerships and cooperation.