Based on statement number 06/TTr-K.HTTTQL, on February 14th, 2020, it was submitted by the Faculty of Management Information Systems (MIS) and approved by the Board of Directors of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HUTECH) in relation to applying the electronic lecture system of the teaching process during the second semester, 2019- 2020. The Faculty of MIS has organized the implementation of the Electronic Lecture System by using the HUTECH GoAmazing platform (GoAmazing, for the university terms in the second semester, 2019- 2020.

GoAmazing is a comprehensive online to onsite learning system. Online courses (Online), in-class (Onsite) or a combination of both forms of learning (O2O) are designed and used flexibly by each teacher. The GoAmazing Platform was built based on trusted technology by two of the world’s leading learning institutions, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Faculty of MIS, CIRTECH Insitute, DMT Technology (USA) and GoAmazing has researched and applied the Online-to-Onsite model in order to take advantage of both learning models.

With respect to the lecture system, all of the university terms on the GoAmazing System were compiled by lecturers and researchers. They were reviewed and evaluated by the members of Scientific Council of the Faculty of MIS. In addition, students will be provided with user manuals for easy access to the system. Accordingly, the Faculty of MIS requires students to participate in learning under the guidance and interaction with the instructors using the GoAmazing System and learn directly according to the schedule.
The Faculty of MIS looks forward to receiving suggestions and improvements from lecturers, researchers, and students to maximize the capabilities

Link to access the system:

Official Dispatch

Instruction for registering and attending training courses on GoAmazing system

Source: Thông báo đẩy mạnh kế hoạch giảng dạy trên GoAmazing của trường đại học Hutech