“Learning a foreign language” has never “cooled down”.

– Aware of the importance of English in particular and foreign languages, in general, are for a bright future, more and more people flock to big cities to seek and participate in all courses at multiple Language Centers so as to quickly achieve tremendous ambitions. Hopefully, a new dream, a new plan, a new future will be opened for them. 

– Along with those ambitions and dreams, there are countless foreign language centers sprouting like mushrooms after rain. The quality is good as well as bad, depending on the centers. This makes people feel confused and anxious not knowing where to choose that suits the pocket and not to mention have well-qualified teachers.

– Understanding these inconsistencies, a comprehensive and unlimited learning system has been built – The GoAmazing System. This system has been researched applies online-to-onsite modeling to take advantage of all the benefits of both learning models.

1. In regards to the lecture system.

– All programs will be compiled by Education specialists before offered to the students.

– Thanks to the diverse lecture series with different languages such as English, Japanese, Chinese and more, we are sure that all of you who have a passion for languages will definitely be satisfied with your new knowledge.

2. The system optimizes the connection between individual parties (Teachers, students, and landlords). 

– Saving on registration time through online registration. Students, teachers, and landlords can find the right clients via the GoAmazing System.

3. Teacher perks.

– After participating in the GoAmazing System, teachers will quickly find out their appropriate teaching location.

– They can manage and arrange the schedules and students’ roadmaps.

– Easily assess their students’ level in each class in order to improve their lecturing efficiency.

4. Student benefits.

-They can easily figure out the most effective locations to study and register any courses that they are interested in.

– Quickly take a level test if they have no idea what their current level is.

– They are able to update and follow their registered schedules.

– Thanks to the useful and interesting courses, there are more options that will be able to adapt to their needs.

– We are so grateful that our scoring system will help to grade your exercises and the final exams so quickly after each course. You will be satisfied with your results as well as our scoring system for sure.

5. Landlord benefits.

– Anyone can sign a contract to offer a teaching location. 

– After being checked by our system, your location will be used for teaching and learning. Students and teachers are able to register at these places.

– This system will help each landlord receive a management fee.

6. Foundation and credibility.

– The foundation of the GoAmazing system is built based on the technology used by two of the world’s leading institutions, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

– We are so grateful for the credibility of Hutech University in Saigon, and Keio University in Tokyo. The GoAmazing System has been applied to their teaching systems.

– “Where should I study? What courses should I choose? Who is going to teach me? How will my results be after each course?” Do not worry so much! Just register on the GoAmazing System, all of your problems will be solved quickly and smoothly.

– GoAmazing is definitely an unlimited and comprehensive system.

– Our system will unlock your full potential.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via “https://o2o.goamazing.org/support/contact_us” to get more information quickly.