On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, the GoAmazing delegation was honored to meet with Meros Language School in Tokyo.

Meros is an established and esteemed language school in Japan, preparing students for various objectives including higher education, business, daily conversation and culture for those who wish to live and work. They take pride in equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills for life in Japan.

In light of recent technological developments and the growing acceptance of online learning, Meros showed a deep interest in expanding their ability to more easily and reliably reach and provide the highest quality education to their learners both online and on-site.

While the technology brings the ability to reach and educate more students, the curriculum and teaching methods remain the most important factor in education. We are glad that the teachers at Meros agreed with this philosophy and strive to provide the best instruction possible.

Together, GoAmazing’s platform and Meros’ curriculum hope to bring quality education to those who are interested in excelling in Japanese.

We would like to thank Meros for their generosity and respect during our trip.  Mrs. Junko Kagawa and her children were kind enough to give us a tour of Tokyo as well as treat us to some amazing meals.  We look forward to our future cooperation.