On Monday, November 25, the GoAmazing team was honored to meet Chairman and Principal Junko Kagawa of Meros Language School. We had a great discussion about the best way to deal with new and developing technology in the world today and how to use it to benefit our students and teachers, as well as how to grow our institutions.

As we learned from Mrs. Junko, Meros Language School offers various curriculum, experienced teachers and the best educational environment. They also offer training and preparation for higher education in Japan. The scholarships offered for outstanding performance and attendance, as well as a wide range of reasonable accommodations available makes Meros a top choice for professional Japanese language acquisition and future success in Japan.

GoAmazing representatives, CEO Duc Ngoc Nguyen, CAO/COO Mike Manley, Ms Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy, Asian Regional Director of GoAmazing, cum CEO of Lapis, and Amazing English Deputy Director Thanh Ha Dinh, are very grateful to have had this meeting and look forward to continuing this discussion at Meros, Tokyo in the near future.