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10 Mispronounced Brand Names in English


“Popeyes”!  Yes! One of the typical famous foreign fast-food chains in the world that captures more and more Vietnamese customers. Let’s be honest with each other guys! How many times did you pronounce “Po- pey- yes” or “Pop – yes”? However, do you know how those words are actually pronounced? Let’s take a look at […]

The Benefits of Our Online Examination System.


Our Online Examination System is more widely used compared to the traditional type. As it is a user-friendly web-based application it can be used anywhere and at any time. Many educational institutes are now using technology to make processes like Admissions, Examinations, Fee Payments, and more are available online so that they can be managed […]

The GoAmazing Angel – Conquer Your Ambitions In The Education Path Without The Internet .


The Internet is a global web of computers linked together into a common system to allow communication between all the computers linked to the system, as well as to provide ways of sharing information. The Internet has truly changed everything.  While it may seem like almost everyone has internet access, a shocking number of families […]

The GoAmazing System Deploys More Impressive Features For Successful Online Teaching.


You probably agree with me that whether people would suffer under the lockdown because of the COVID- 19 or not, the demand for online learning continues to increase and become more popular. With a wide variety of courses accessible at one’s fingertips, there’s no more worrying about being physically present in a stressful classroom. The […]

All Children Deserve The Best Education


Education is love in its purest form. That’s right! all kids deserve having the purest love, no matter where they come from. According to students’ learning strengths, some children seem to prefer direct involvement in what they are learning. Other ones are suitable for the auditory learning style depending on listening and speaking as the […]

GoAmazing System Stands Out in Comparison with Other Systems.


Education is always a really hot topic, isn’t it? Thanks to modern technology, education is becoming more flexible and accessible. Understanding the modern education trends, the GoAmazing System has been researched and built by trusted education technology from around the World. These fabulous factors of the GoAmazing System will definitely make you believe and be […]

4 Tips for Successful Online Learning


UNESCO – Education Institution – Science- Literature with 5 pillars of education: “Learning to know – Learning to do – Learning to live together – Learning to be” as a guide for everyone’s learning. Everything is about Learning. Do you agree with us? If you want to be intelligent, you have to learn how to […]

The GoAmazing System – Bringing The Education For All!


Whether you are still in school, already working, or at the age of retirement. English has become such an important part of society that you found yourself needing to touch-up on your English skills.  For kids who are still in school, the demand for English is as high as ever. For those who want to […]