As a personal trainer, you all agree with me that to get a customer, maintaining your personal image in front of them is difficult. To capture more than 20 clients is more difficult than ever, especially in such a popular field as “Health & Fitness”, right? 

Although you may have already read tons of blogs or books about the strategies on how to get more foreign clients by yourself, your head’s still exploding because of this issue.

However, what would you think if I said that you could capture more clients without any natural-born talent? 

Please remember 2 important things below if you would like to successfully capture more clients.

– The first thing I never forget to do when approaching my client is to let the client tell me exactly what he/she would like to accomplish and build the fitness roadmap for them based on their goals. However, if you do not have enough “LANGUAGE KNOWLEDGE”. How can you deal with them? Whether they come from the USA, Japan, or many countries around the World, the demand for languages is as high as ever. What can GoAmazing offer you? The variety of courses with multiple languages in different fields can adapt to your needs for sure. Besides getting more language skills, you also have a chance to learn more about international culture. This helps you adapt to different communication styles with global clients.

– In addition, some trainers came and asked me the reason why their clients were so mad anytime they said this or that. Maybe it was because of their mistaken communication or mispronunciation.

– No one realizes “The importance of PRONUNCIATION”. Guess what? What would happen due to your conversation that had a misunderstanding? As happened to one of my friends, when he had his very first foreign client, after greeting and setting the goals for the fitness training program, they started to talk about suitable nutrition. That client asked for a fat-loss menu and later on, my friend tried to say: “Well, you should eat “CABBAGE”, instead of rice or noodles”. What the client heard was: “Well, you should eat “GARBAGE”, instead of rice or noodles” He even didn’t realize what he just said. The client was so mad. She asked him if she seemed like an animal. Unfortunately, his first deal failed. Therefore, to solve this problem, he registered for this pronunciation program on the GoAmazing System “”.

How about you? Have you ever dealt with this tough issue before? We can bring you tips to overcome language barriers that come with communication. 

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