Introducing GoAmazing!

GoAmazing is a Disruptive Innovation in EdTech

GoAmazing is a comprehensive online to on-site learning ecosystem.

We strive to provide the best environment, the highest quality, and the most reliable and accredited education throughout the entire world. Courses can be online, on-site, or a mixture of both that individual teachers can design and utilize as they see fit.

Universities and other learning establishments are now recognizing the need to offer distance learning with more and more options available to students.

The GoAmazing Connection

Just as Uber connects drivers and passengers, GoAmazing connects Learners, Teachers and Landlords together as a whole.


Learners can use the GoAmazing system to find a course, teachers, and also a suitable location.


Teachers can design and create the curriculum, content, and can upload it onto the system. Then they can find the best or most convenient location to teach.


Landlords can utilize their space to increase their revenue

Adapting to new Technology

As technology improves and advances, the way we learn is changing. Namely, the time and place. Due to new and developing technologies, the use and acceptance of online learning is growing exponentially.

Just as teaching methods differ, students’ learning abilities, preferences, and styles differ as well. The GoAmazing learning ecosystem provides unlimited options that allow teachers to provide the most suitable educational environment.

Trusted Education Technology

The platform has been built by technologies trusted by MIT and Harvard. These technologies are used to design our Learning Management System (LMS) and Content Management System (CMS).

How We Got Started

Mr. Duc and Mr. Mike met in the summer of 2017. Mr. Mike was trying to build his private English tutoring business in Saigon, and happened to be teaching Mr. Duc’s son at the time. Mike wanted a bit of advice on doing business in Vietnam, and Duc was happy to help. After the first meeting they found they had similar goals and visions of the possibilities of online applications with education. Duc asked Mike how many students he could handle online, and Mike replied that with the right system, there is no limit.

This was the moment where opportunity met with preparation. Mr. Duc had some previous experience with online education startups and had been considering how to do it the best way. Duc and Mike decided to design a learning system that could reach the most people, as well as maintain the highest quality education standards. Duc’s company, DMT Technology, did some research and came up with a plan. GoAmazing was born.

About the Founders

Dr. Duc Nguyen

Dr. Duc Nguyen is the CEO and co-founder of GoAmazing with the GoAmazing Connection.
Received the Best Thesis Award in relation to building and deploying the Vietnam Securities Information Systems (2002).
Dean of Management Information Systems (MIS), Ho Chi Minh University of Technology Post-Doc and Research Scholar at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and the University of Texas at Dallas (UTDallas).
His passion is applying new technology to FinTech and EdTech.

Mike Manley

Mr. Mike is the COO and co-founder of GoAmazing, as well as Chief Amazing Officer (CAO) at Amazing English in Vietnam.
Mr. Mike studied Psychology and earned a Bachelor’s Degree from California Coast University, Santa Ana, California.
He has been teaching English in Taiwan, China, and mostly Vietnam for more than 10 years.
His passion is helping students perfect their pronunciation and has a personal goal to help every single Vietnamese person speak English more clearly.