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Welcome learners!
Are you looking for an online course, on-site course or both?
The GoAmazing ecosystem is a UNIQUE combination of learning ONLINE and ON-SITE that is  specially designed to help you improve yourself. GoAmazing online gives access to video lectures, homework, discussion, quizzes, and projects, together with the on-site support of booking, scheduling, locating, joining, and learning at an on-site course NEAR YOU!

  • Ideal Courses: Created and taught by qualified, experienced and passionate instructors.
  • Online to Onsite: Choose to learn online, on-site, or both!  Learn at a location near you, or from the comfort of your own home.
  • Increase your Knowledge: Learn something new in 4-6 weeks. Quickly improve and expand your skill.
  • Become a Master: Earn a certificate or university degree.
  • Events: Attend events created by amazing teachers
  • Timetable: Easily manage your schedule.
  • Easy to pay: Simple and secure payment process.


Welcome teachers, instructors, and professors!
GoAmazing is seeking amazing and experienced instructors in various fields. From languages to we know passionate teachers educate students in the most effective way, which helps learners retain the knowledge and benefit the most.  Do you have what it takes?
Come with us, you can design your own courses using our customizable Course Management System (CMS) and will stay organized with our Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Flexible: find suitable location with your free time.
  • Become an Instructor: Create an online or on-site course
  • Event/Workshop: Organize workshops and share your knowledge.
  • Educating the Youth: Inspire and encourage students with our amazing programs.
  • Classroom: Standard amenities.
  • Earn Income: courses and classes.


Welcome property owners, landladies, and landlords!
Do you have an amazing location that could be used to host a class?  If so, please provide the required information and a representative will contact you regarding inspection and approval of your space.  In no time your property can be used to inspire and further the education of our motivated learners!

  • Saving money: Utilizing landlord vacant spaces.
  • Flexible leasing periods: lease a time frame
  • Short term rentallease infrastructures for short periods of time
  • High rental price: higher than the long-term rental and utilize vacant infrastructures in the available time frames.

Learning Method

Oh my god! Professional English.  You probably agree with me that everyone would be afraid of “Professional English”, right? Professional English is a professional word usage system for a specific major and it is also “an amazing ingredient” to practice communication in a company or to write articles for your company. It is hard to […]

Traditional Learning: The learning takes place on-site. Learners learn with a teacher at infrastructure. At this facility during specific periods of the day to learn from the teacher and the other members with more activities and interactions.

Online Learning: The learning takes place online. Learners access course’s content using a device connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere that individuals can take a course from the comfort of their office or home. Time and space don’t matter too much here.

Our courses

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Every course on GoAmazing is taught by top instructors and institutions, so you can increase your knowledge anytime or anywhere. All courses are approved and verified by GoAmazing and the course publishers. Courses give you access to on-demand video lectures and live-streams, homework exercises, problems, quizzes and more.

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Our modular degree learning experience gives you the ability to study on your own schedule and earn credit as you complete your course assignments. For a breakthrough price, you’ll learn from top university instructors and graduate with an industry-relevant university credential.


Whether you’re looking to start a new career or improve your current one, GoAmazing’s certificates help you become job-ready. Learn at your own pace from top institutions and universities, apply your new skills through hands-on projects that showcase your expertise to potential employers, unlock access to career support resources, and earn essential credentials to kickstart your new career.